Scent Spotlight: Man Cave

Fathers Day Candle

Man Cave: Gift For Fathers Day

Vita Mia is celebrating all Father figures with the earthy and woodsy notes of Oakmoss complimented by mid-notes of the sweet and spicy fragrance of freshly picked cloves. Bottom note of amber is reminiscent of old leather bound books and a subtle sweetness. Man cave is a scent that is not exclusive to Father's Day.


What is Father's Day?

Fathers day is a symbolic day of celebration for all paternal figures which is not exclusive to Dads. We believe that all Father figures deserve to be celebrated and so our Father's day gift set is fit for every paternal figure. 


Father's Day History

Since we are on the topic of Father’s Day, lets go ahead and highlight the key facts of this festive holiday:


  • 58 years later: Father’s Day become an official holiday 58 after President Wilson signed off on making Mother’s Day an official holiday. In 1924 President Coolidge declared Father’s Day an official holiday. However the holiday was not passed as a Congressional Act until 1972.
  • Thanks Sonora Smart Dodd: Dodd, born in Arkansas in 1882, is responsible for the fruition of fathers day. Being raised by her Father inspired Dodd to establish a day that celebrates fathers.Fathers Day became an official holiday in 1910 in Washington.
  • Anti- Father’s Day: Prior to WWll men opposed Fathers Day because the associate with the holiday was too feminine to be associated with men.
  • Father’s Day Marketing: Post WWll, Father’s Day became an opportunity for struggling industries to advance sales and commercialization of products.





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