Vita Mia, which translates to “my life” in Italian, is a lifestyle company that aspires to inspire celebration. Founders Ita and Sharon Bushy are a mother-daughter duo and avid candle lovers. This passion for fragrances in relation to the high stress levels in Covid lockdown bore the spark of inspiration for this women-led company. Each premium candle and wax melt is carefully curated to transport senses, elevate experiences, and inspire memorable moments. Luscious aromas paired with contemporary design can give any moment a spark of luxury and relaxation. The soothing notes of sweet nature offer a liberating feeling to the every day. Strike the warm and empowering notes of Vita Mia's candles in every environment. The brand, vision is luxury at an accessible price. Every premium experiences should be affordable because every person deserves the tools to transform their homes with quality fragrances.

All candle making and candle development take place in the US.

A Note To Ita: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn from you, to challenge you, and grow with you. Everything beautiful about this company comes from you.

#Catturare il Momento