Tips for Increasing the Life of Your Candles

With their soft, comforting glow that improves our living areas and fosters a peaceful atmosphere, candles have been treasured for generations. How to extend the life of your candles is a typical worry, regardless of whether you use them for romance, leisure, or decorating. Fear not—in this blog, we'll look at some doable strategies to get the most out of your candles and prolong their lifespan.

1. Select Candles of Superior Quality

Starting with premium candles is the first step towards extending their lifespan. Though they might appear like a good deal, cheap, mass-produced candles often burn unevenly and fast. Choose candles with premium waxes, such as soy or beeswax, as they burn more slowly and uniformly. These candles are not only healthier and cleaner for the environment and for you, but they also burn for a longer period of time.

High-quality candles are made to burn efficiently, which means they will last longer and continue to provide a consistent scent and level of illumination, according to a National Candle Association article (NCA, "Candle Quality").

2. Cut the Wick Off

Ignoring the wick is a typical mistake people make. A candle may burn more quickly and produce a bigger flame if the wick is overly long. Trim the wick to around 1/4 inch before lighting the candle to ensure a longer candle life. This minimizes excessive dripping and soot accumulation while enabling a slower, more controlled burn. Candle tunneling is a phenomenon whereby the exterior wax is wasted and the wax melts solely around the wick's center. It can be prevented by trimming the wick.

For safer and longer-lasting burns, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) advises trimming the wick to the manufacturer's suggested length (NFPA, "Candle Fire Safety").

3. Employ Accessories for Candles

Your candles' lifespan can be greatly increased by using candle accessories like snuffers and holders. To ensure that a candle is ready for your next usage, a snuffer is a necessary instrument for extinguishing it without letting the wick smolder. With the right holders, you can protect your candles from drafts, which can lead to uneven burning, while also improving their appearance.

According to the Candle Science blog, these add-ons can significantly impact how long your candles last and how high-quality they remain (Candle Science, "Candle Accessories").

4. Keep Candles Out of Draft Documents

Candles may burn unevenly and rapidly due to drafts. Position your candles in an area free from drafts to guarantee a longer burn period. Fans, air conditioning vents, and open windows can all produce drafts. You'll save money on replacements and get a more even and consistent burn when you shield your candles from drafts.

The EPA advises against placing candles near drafts in order to enhance their effectiveness and minimize uneven burning (EPA, "Candle Safety").

5. Candle Storage Guidelines

Proper storage is crucial to maintaining the durability and quality of your candles, whether you own a collection or several. Away from direct sunlight, keep your candles in a cool, dry spot. Candles can melt or turn discolored when exposed to heat or light, which reduces their longevity.

As per UC Davis's "Candle Care" page, candles should be stored in a dark, cold environment and should be kept upright to preserve their structural value.

In conclusion, extending the life of your candles will allow you to take advantage of their cozy light for longer while also helping you to save money. To maximize the effect of your candles and create a calm and relaxing ambiance, use premium candles, trim the wick, use candle accessories, stay out of drafts, and store them properly. Keep in mind that following these suggestions will improve your entire candle-burning experience in addition to saving your candles.


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