10 Random Questions About Soy Wax Candles

This week we are kickstarting our blog with 10 random questions regarding candles. We curated each question for a diverse series. 


1. Why do candles flicker?

When you light a candle it takes moment for the flame to stabilize. However, if the flame does not have enough or too much air, the flame will become unstable and flicker.


2. Who invented candles? 

We do not know exactly who invented candles. However, earliest. candles are attributed to  to Ancient Egypt. 


3. Why do candles tunnel?

Absolutely love this questions! First you should know that candles have "memory" because the candle will burn in a similar manner to its first burn. If you do let your wax burn all the way, you create a tunnel which will only grow deeper with every burn. Commit to that first burn. Light your candle for a minimum of 3 hours. 


4. Can candles cause a headache?

Candles do not necessarily cause headaches. However, strong fragrances can trigger headaches for individuals with a range of smell sensitivities. For this reason, Vita Mia created candles like our Coconut Paradise. We wanted a soft scented product with a rich and fulfilling scent.  


5. Why are candles relaxing? 

Candle fragrances can trigger the limbic system (which is home to memories and emotions). This association between fragrances and memories can trigger a sense of relaxation and calmness. Note that every fragrance is calming and this is entirely subjective. However, if you find a scent that reminds you of positive memories, your candle may inspire similar emotions. 


6. Can candles be recycled?

In theory you can gather wax and reburn it. We do not recommend that you recycle candle glass tumblers because the heat thins out the tumbler- and so it is not safe to reburn with in thinning glass. You do not want you candle jar to shatter.


7. Can candles warm a room?

Candles are a great source of heat because they are 90% efficiency and 10% light. The light source of the candle is relatively low but the heat source is relatively high. 


8. Are candles vegan?

Not all candles are vegan. Now it is not what you are thinking because today companies do not advocate for the once common use of beef fat. However non-vegan candles have elements like beeswax to harden the wax. All Vita Mia candles are vegan!


9. What candles are safe?

Look for candles and candle companies that have tested their candles and show a proven track record for safe product, development, and shipment. 


10. What candle burns the longest?

Beeswax candles burn the longest. Following beeswax is soy wax. It is a common assumption that paraffin candles burn long too but that is false because paraffin candles burn faster than soy and beeswax. 

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