Smells Like Childhood| Scent of Memories

Do fragrances influence our memories? Can we remember more because of certain scents? What is the benefit of a fragrance? 


Scents and Signals: 

Our mind is an intricate world with itself. Our brain has a "limbic system" which is where we process emotions as well as memories. Scents can send a message to the limbic system and there in soliciting emotions. Masahiro found data that positive emotions are awakened by certain scents. Through these positive emotions, drawn from positive associations, our body can decrease stress and improve its mindset. The impact of certain fragrances are relative from person to person. 

Smells and Memories:

 Matsunaga et al 2011 study showed that scents that are recognizable and associated with childhood, are nostalgic scents that can solicit experienced an autobiographic memories. 

Scent Skeptics:

Our nose is a muscle that needs to be strengthened and our minds can not accurately recall memories as well as we hope. How can we be sure that our nose actually remembers certain scents?


"That’s because a unique scent can spark the memory of the associated products or events... And olfactory recall can extend to 10,000 different odors, if not more." (Minsky, Fahey, Fabrigas).

It is unbelievable to consider how our emotions and our mind can be triggered by fragrances that align with our subconscious mind.


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